Everything a Bride needs to know about ordering her Wedding Gown.

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Its a very exciting time for couples, getting engaged, celebrating and starting the planning process. However, there are details that are not always public knowledge when it comes to the wedding gown ordering system and we think it is necessary information for your planning process to be as stress free as possible. so here are a few of our tips to help you through.

Firstly, it is never too soon to start looking. It is a lot more helpful, for yourselves and your consultant, if you have a rough idea, even if you’ve just looked through pictures. So, have a look through and see if there’s something that really grabs your attention and use it as a starting point.

Never completely rule something out before trying it on. Every dress looks different on the hanger than it does on. 9 times out of 10 a bride will come in thinking she knows what she wants and ends up buying a gown she never thought she would or could wear. It’s always best to just try it on and if its not for you, then you can rule it out without thinking, maybe I should have.

Only bring your closest family and friends to your appointment, 4 or 5 people max. We say this simply because your not going to please everyone because not everyone has the same taste and style. Its great to bring them for opinions but just remember that the opinion that matters the most is yours, you will be wearing the dress. Not only this, but if lots of people know what what you will be wearing then you wont get the wow factor from your guests on the day, and they may even tell others what you have brought. And lets face it ladies, we all want to walk out and hear the gasps from our guests.

The bridal gown. Most gowns take around 5 months to be ordered, made and sent out to us. Some dresses can come in on an 8 week or 12 week basis but this will be on specific dresses or with an additional fee, so please bare that in mind. Once the dress is in, we call you to let you know and then you will come to try on YOUR dress. At the time of order, if applicable, you will be given your fitting date which is made up to 8 weeks prior to your wedding date where you will meet our lovely seamstress and she will discuss all/any alterations needed. So we advise ordering your dress a minimum of 7 months before your wedding.

The bridesmaids. Most bridesmaid gowns take 12 – 16 weeks to be ordered, made and sent to us. Some of the designers offer a premium or express delivery, however these options do come with additional fees. So please bare this in mind. The same fittings process is applied to the maids aswell to ensure everyone is happy in their gowns a week or so before the wedding.

We hope that this information is helpful to everyone finding their dresses and now you can enjoy the dress shopping experience.